Shipping Insurance & Claims

Shipping Insurance

We're happy to say that we have an in house Shipping Insurance program! This ultimately gives us the freedom and flexibility to accept claims and issue refunds or replacements in a timely manner. Most carriers (Canada Post, UPS, etc.) offer free liability coverage up to a value of $100 for damage, loss, or theft. Anything over $100 isn't covered unless you purchase additional carrier insurance. We want to make sure your package is protected, and that's why we offer optional Shipping Insurance. We recommend purchasing our Shipping Insurance even if it's under the $100 value and covered under carrier liability coverage, as we can then expedite the replacement or refund of your order regardless of the carrier claim outcome. See the FAQ's below about our Shipping Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I purchase Shipping Insurance (order under $100)?

A: Although your package is covered under the carrier liability coverage for up to $100, it's subject to carrier discretion and the investigation time can be lengthy. By purchasing our Shipping Insurance, we have the ability to replace or refund your order prior to the carrier claim decision and refund.

Q: Why should I purchase Shipping Insurance (order over $100)?

A: Carriers only offer free liability coverage up to $100. Any orders over $100 are not covered. By purchasing our Shipping Insurance, we are able to cover your full order value in the case of damage, loss, or theft.

Q: How much is Shipping Insurance?

A: Our Shipping Insurance rate is currently set at 3.0% of the order subtotal, with a $2.50 minimum. This is within the standard industry rate for optional insurance.

Q: How fast will my claim be resolved?

 A: Claim resolution time is dependent on many factors as well as the type of claim. Ultimately, we still need to open a claim with the carrier. As soon as we receive your claim, we will open a claim with the carrier to investigate the issue. If the package was damaged, we can generally act upon that immediately, prior to carrier claim resolution. If the package was reported lost or stolen however, we need to wait for the carrier to complete their investigation. In that case, once their investigation is complete, we will provide you with your options and see whether you want a replacement or refund.

Filing a Claim

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