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HyperDip Wheel Kit
Jordan C. (Calgary, AB)

HyperDip Wheel Kit

Plum Crazy Aerosol
chris l. (Surrey, BC)

Plum Crazy Aerosol

Brass Monkey HyperDip Aerosol
Marc D. (Edmonton, AB)
Hyperdip is the way to go

Have used the Hyperdip product on vehicle badging and wheels, and am very happy with the outcome.

Bright Aluminum Metalizer

This colour is bang on and gives a stock finish appearance to aluminum rims.

Metallic Wheel Kit
Rosh G. (Dundas, ON)
Fantastic Support and Product

I rarely write reviews unless something really impresses me, and this product is impressive. DIPOutlet was quick and detailed in their responses to my questions and gave me excellent advice. The multiple “chat” interactions I had with them felt very personal and like they remembered the context from prior correspondence. The Plastidip performed better than expected. It’s impressive stuff. I wish I got the nozzle attachment for the cans because by the time I was getting close to the end my finger was cramping and it impacted the quality of my application, but the plastidip was surprisingly forgiving when I got it too thick.

HyperDip Wheel Kit
Ed (Calgary, AB)
Looks awesome, but one issue

Sprayed on really smooth. I only have one issue. If wheels are sprayed off of the vehicle, when you install the nuts it pulls up the dip.

Burnt Copper Aerosol
Justin M. (Camrose, AB)
Best product money can buy

I’ve searched high and low for the perfect Color! This pearl is amazing for those wishing to go copper! They also have great prices on plasti and the UV protection spray! I plasti dipped my wheels and overhead rack!

Dip Dissolver Gallon
John S. (Vancouver, BC)

it was a little difficult pouring it out cleanly into the spray bottles without a funnel, but the dissolver worked good. thank you.

Piano Black HyperDip Aerosol
Harry.B (Edmonton, AB)
Awesome Results

I did piano black hyperdip on my dodge ram rims, front grill, ram elbems basically try to delete all my chrome on the truck. Just left with front and rear bumper. Soon gonna chrome delete with piano black hyperdip.

Bronze Gold HyperDip Aerosol
MrsWinterWheat (Regina, SK)
Great product!

Used the HyperDip on my Space X Emblem and aero wheel cover! So far has held up great!

Anthracite Grey Aerosol
Michael B. (Toronto, ON)
Awesome finish. Easy peesy application

Bought this online with a promo discounted offer and my little 05 Impreza looks like it just got a full makeover. Thumbs up on this product so far

Black Gallon
Khalid B. (Richmond Hill, ON)
Awesome site has the cheapest and best Plasti dip products in Canada

Fast shipping and Great product for my project

Red Aerosol
Sheneka H. (Milton, ON)

Works very well no issues when applying to my calipers

HyperDip Wheel Kit
Brad (Winnipeg, MB)
Great results

I ordered the Piano Black Hyperdip Wheel Kit and followed the instructions on their Youtube channel. The prep is key and taking your time with numerous coats. I oversprayed in some parts and it started to drip so that's my own mistake as a first timer, but the product end result is awesome!

I had Plastidip black with Glossifier for a few years and it started to peel and so I found this product. The gloss is on another level with HyperDip Piano Black. Hands down puts Plastidip to shame. I feel proud to drive my vehicle again lol. Highly recommended.

Camo Green Aerosol
Kyle D. (Surrey, BC)
Camo Green

Love the Color. Metallic green pearls next!

Black Aerosol
Keith W. (Kamloops, BC)
Great stuff, easy to apply and friendly fast service too!

I wrote into the folks at dip outlet to inquire how many cans I’d need to cover the front and back bumper on my 03 rav4. They got back to be quickly and advised I get 6-7 cans to be safe. Worked like a charm and went on easy, especially considering I’ve never painted a thing in my life. Good value too versus local even with shipping once you order enough cans.

Brake Dust Professional (BDP) 32 oz
Michael T. (Maple Ridge, BC)
Brake Dust Professional BDP 32oz

This product is amazing and a must have for dipped wheels. Application is simply from an adjustable spray nozzle and the product works fast without harming the dip coating. It’s a little on the pricy side and it has a very aggressive scent so I would recommend using it in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, apart from that, this product is worth the price tag as you don’t even need a lot or need to scrub the wheel after application. Just spray on, wait until you can see the purple reaction fallout, and then rinse of with your power washer. Great product and I will definitely be buying it again.

Wheel Kit Accessory Pack
Mike C. (Greater Sudbury, ON)
Great product

Decided to try the wheel kit accessory pack. It had everything I needed and made doing the wheels so much easier. I normally remove the wheels from the vehicle and mask the tires to dip them, but with this kit, I didn’t have to. I was a bit sceptical about the dip release for the tires, but it worked perfect. Definitely much better than masking the tires off as I’ve done in the past.

Glossy DipPearl TopCoat Gallon
mike (Ingleside, ON)

Glossy DipPearl TopCoat Gallon with my pearls sprayed very well impressed with the outcome.

Anthracite Grey HyperDip Aerosol
Andrew (Lethbridge, AB)
Anthracite Grey HyperDip Aerosol

It goes on just like the regular plasti dip, it has a smooth finish with a metallic look, it’s really quite amazing. Only thing I wish I knew before, was that it doesn’t dry as thick, its harder to hide a mistake. So maybe a extra 2 cans more? I love it tho! I will post photos of m moto once it’s bike season up here! Love it! Will buy more / again

Nardo Grey Gallon
Randi K.R. (Brampton, ON)
Nardo Grey performance series

Love the finish, right out of the can!!!
My German car customers love it!!!

Piano Black HyperDip Aerosol
Michael T. (Maple Ridge, BC)
Piano black Hyperdip

This is now a “go to” product for me and I’ve used it on a few of my friends car emblems. It goes on well leaves a nice shiny finish and the best part is, if you make a mistake or simply want to remove the product, it just peels off. I’ve hade my front emblem coated for the last four months now and it’s handled all kinds of weather and washing and still looks brand new. This is definitely a great product and I always have a can on the shelf for whenever it’s needed. You can even check my video of the application and I also have a video reviewing the product two months later on my YouTube channel

Should be called Construction Orange

If you need any...we got lots of extra!

Blaze Orange Aerosol
Ethan E. (London, ON)
Blaze orange

Loved this product, customer service is great and shipping was pretty quick.

Piano Black HyperDip Aerosol
Davin G. (Brampton, ON)

Excellent real paint