Dip Dissolver Gallon

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Product Description

Dip Dissolver will re-liquify Plasti Dip in an effort to remove dip that's too thin to peel.

Use Dip Dissolver in those situations in which the Plasti Dip was applied too thin to peel. Sometimes customers will apply the dip too thin, and after a period of time, it can be difficult to peel off the dip as it will peel off in small pieces. Dip Dissolver will re-liquify the dip and make it very easy to clear away using a power washer.

- Avoid contact with all plastics, especially black plastics.

- Only apply Dip Dissolver over dry surfaces.

32 oz spray bottle included.

Customer Reviews

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John S. (Vancouver, BC)

it was a little difficult pouring it out cleanly into the spray bottles without a funnel, but the dissolver worked good. thank you.