Dip Dissolver 32 oz

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Product Description

Dip Dissolver will re-liquify Plasti Dip® in an effort to remove dip that's too thin to peel.

Use Dip Dissolver in those situations in which the Plasti Dip® was applied too thin to peel. Sometimes customers will apply the dip too thin, and after a period of time, it can be difficult to peel off the dip as it will peel off in small pieces. Dip Dissolver will re-liquify the dip and make it very easy to clear away using a power washer.

- Avoid contact with all plastics, especially black plastics.

- Only apply Dip Dissolver over dry surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gino C. (Rivière-du-Loup, QC)
great product!!

Very good product to release plasti dip.

John S. (Vancouver, BC)
its a bit pricey, but works wonders

when do i get a free bottle?

Brian S. (London, ON)
Dip Dissolver is Pure Magic

I ordered the Dip Dissolver 32oz bottle because other products, including elbow grease, were just not working. I was trying to remove plast-dip which I had applied successfully to 4 tire rims about 6 years ago. I followed the directions on the bottle and after removing all the plasti-dip from all 4 rims I still have a couple of ounces left over!

Ken S. (Mount Uniacke, NS)
Worth the Money?

I bought this product after trying a couple at home remedies. After being unsuccessful I decided to spend the money and buy the real stuff. The product worked exactly how it should be removed the thin sections of plasty dip that I couldn’t get off by scrubbing. Yes this is well worth the money