Brake Dust Professional (BDP) 32 oz

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Product Description

Never touch your wheels again!

Spray onto your wheels (dipped or non-dipped), and let it sit for 2 minutes as it releases all the brake dust, dirt and grime from your wheels. Simply wash everything away and leave your wheels surgically clean. No scrubbing, no hand washing, no wheel brushes, no dirty rags or water. PH balanced neutral, safe on all wheel types including Plasti Dipped and non Plasti Dipped wheels.

Customer Reviews

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Gary S. (Winnipeg, MB)
Works as advertised

I dipped my factory rims a couple of years ago. Had issues keeping them clean. Tried the Brake Dust Professional. Works great. Spray it on Wait 5 minutes then spray with water. I just wish someone sold it locally to not have to pay for shipping. Product is expensive enough without shipping.

Michael T. (Maple Ridge, BC)
Brake Dust Professional BDP 32oz

This product is amazing and a must have for dipped wheels. Application is simply from an adjustable spray nozzle and the product works fast without harming the dip coating. It’s a little on the pricy side and it has a very aggressive scent so I would recommend using it in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, apart from that, this product is worth the price tag as you don’t even need a lot or need to scrub the wheel after application. Just spray on, wait until you can see the purple reaction fallout, and then rinse of with your power washer. Great product and I will definitely be buying it again.