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Piano Black HyperDip Aerosol
Larry R. (Vancouver, BC)
Terrific customer service

I needed to get an additional few cans but couldn’t remember the color I had ordered over a year ago, within a few minutes, my color was confirmed and I was able to place my new order for the right products. Keep up the great work!

Piano Black HyperDip Aerosol
Frank L. (Leduc, AB)

This stuff is amazing, glossy and black, not dull and grey like. Love it

Hyper dip piano black

This stuff is amazing,deep black and easy to spray.. dip outlet videos a pro tips sure helped with a perfect finish

Worked great! Few months later and still holding up.

Cheap product that doesn't last. Chips and scratches after 4 months. Won't stand up against a tire change even with all the plastic safety guards

Hi Alexander. Thanks for leaving us a review. Unfortunately, it appears you were not satisfied with the end result of the product. Plasti Dip is very durable, however it's still a rubber product in the end. We've had customers that have had Plasti Dip on their vehicles for years without any issues. Obviously power tools or tire machines are going to damage Plasti Dip, as again, it is a rubber product. We hope you'll give Plasti Dip another try. Regards, DIP OUTLET.

CanGun1 Spray Can Trigger
Doug L. (Coquitlam, BC)
Works amazing

Works amazing once you get the trigger on the gun .. I broke one of the tips on a can and now have a full can that i cant use but when its on properly it makes spraying so much easier !!!

Brass Monkey HyperDip Aerosol
Shawn T. (Fort McMurray, AB)
Brass Monkey!! Second to None

I found some old jeep rims for cheap while I was searching for expensive rims. My buddy recommended the Brass Monkey and I couldn’t be happier. Saved myself thousands by using this product. Heading into Fort McMurray winter, so it will be put to the test. If you are looking to save a few dollars go this route. The rims look better then ever !!

Dip Coat Protective Spray 32 oz
Guy D. (Edmonton, AB)
Dip coat protective spray.

I dipped a new fibreglass hood on my car. This spray removes the sticky rubber feel of dip. Very happy with this and will purchase again.

Black Gallon
Guy D. (Calgary, AB)
Diped the hood on 2007 mustang

Very very happy with the way this turned out.. Once i got the air pressure figured on on my hvlp sprayed very nice and turned out better than i thought it would. I was going to repaint the car next spring but Im thinking I'll dip it instead.

Brake Dust Professional (BDP) 32 oz
Gary S. (Winnipeg, MB)
Works as advertised

I dipped my factory rims a couple of years ago. Had issues keeping them clean. Tried the Brake Dust Professional. Works great. Spray it on Wait 5 minutes then spray with water. I just wish someone sold it locally to not have to pay for shipping. Product is expensive enough without shipping.

Plum Crazy Aerosol
Kim (Mississauga, ON)
First timer

First time trying something like this and it turned out great. People thought I bought the rims that colour

Shadow Black HyperDip Aerosol
Steven R. (Fredericton, NB)
Looks awesome!

The new hyperdip looks so much better than the previous gen Plastidip. I had the old dip on my rims since 2017 and it held up amazing until I had a tire blowout. Decided to try hyperdip to redo them, looks like paint and doesn’t have to rubber feel. Tip to anyone doing rims, do them on the vehicle or use something like quarters to keep the dip from the holes otherwise when you put the lugs back on it will likely twist the dip, pulling it away around the lug holes.

Dip Coat Protective Spray Case
John S. (Vancouver, BC)

follow the intructions to the letter, and its amazing as advertised

Fierce Pink Gallon
Shahar (Edmonton, AB)
Great Product

Very happy with the service, the product and shipment lead time for product that is not in stcok.
The result are amazing

Metallic Wheel Kit
Matthew O. (Red Deer, AB)
Bronze tire kit

Tire kit’s really great. Product went on nice and smooth, and looks amazing. Dip release made pulling the product off the tires really easy. I was able to get the look I wanted and still have a can of dip and a can of metallizer left over to do additional small projects

HyperDip Wheel Kit
Steven R. (Fredericton, NB)
So much better than the older plastidip

I really, really dislike chrome! I immediately dipped the wheels when I bought my 2016 Ram and it held u perfectly until I had a tire blow out recently. My only complaint was the "rubbery" appearance. Since the one wheel had to be redone I decided to redo them all with hyperdip. Hyperdip looks so much better, IMO you would have a difficult time telling the difference between it and one painted or powder coated.

My one recommendation would be to the wheels while on the vehicle. I removed mine and while re-installing them the dip that was in the lug holes caught on the lugnut and twisted/pulled the dip away so I had to strip it and redo it.

Piano Black HyperDip Aerosol
Alexander M. (Montreal, QC)
Customer Service

These guys did an incredible job keeping me informed about the slight delay in delivery (no fault of their own). Everything worked great, would highly recommend them !

Shadow Black HyperDip Aerosol
Terry W. (Calgary, AB)


Glossy DipPearl TopCoat Gallon
Shahar (Edmonton, AB)
Glossy DipPearl TopCoat Gallon

Quick shipment, arrived in perfect condition and the product is as described

Dip Dissolver 32 oz
Gino C. (Rivière-du-Loup, QC)
great product!!

Very good product to release plasti dip.

Black Aerosol
rick s.
Black aerosols

Great finish easy to use

HyperDip Emblem & Badge Kit
Matthew (Grande Prairie, AB)
Everything you need to dip emblems!

Nice kit, everything you need to dip your emblems and not have to think twice about it!

Great finishing product

The glossier is much improved and makes end product look awesome

Fierce Pink Aerosol
Vicky C. (Montreal, QC)

Bonne qualité

For easy cheap solution thats the way